I wasn't impressed by carinsurancefor1day.co.uk. I felt the design of the website to be amateur and basic. It doesn't look professional instead it looks like a university student's project. The links on the left all work and connect to the correct page, but overall there is no unifying theme or design other than each page is dominated by a large block of text.

On the main page, the wall of text is immediately off-putting. Only the 'click here for a quote' button is eye-catching but as a potential customer I don't want a quote until I can read about the service, prices, company and terms and conditions. The buttons on the left side are ugly and it takes too much time to find a specific link I might be looking for. For example, 'Young drivers' (a group who will be much more likely to use this site) is at the bottom of the list. Each page after the main page has exactly the same design - I wasn't sure if the page had changed when I clicked between them. People do not want to sit and read long, boring pieces of writing when they are looking for a cheap deal the information is better if it is presented in an eye-catching way that is easy to read and fast to be understood.

It looks like a scam website and it also looks like it will not be long-standing. A quick google search turned up these similar websites, temporarycarinsuranceuk.co.uk, onedaycarinsurance.org.uk, insure1.co.uk these websites all sound as if they are made by the same people. They are like clones and none of them seem unique, trustworthy or legitimate.

The website URL is too long and clumsy to type. It is easy to remember but it is not memorable. It's too boring and has no gimmick to stand out to customers. Websites such as GoCompare or CompareTheMarket are both good examples of effective advertising. Carinsurancefor1day.co.uk needs a hook, an idea, a catch-phrase, a character or a gimmick that will enable people to recall it easily when they need to look for short-term car insurance.

The quality of writing on the website is highly variable and inconsistent. It sounds like it has been written by many different authors who have varying degrees of expertise in the subject. The information is unspecific and bland and there are ungrammatical sentences throughout the website which contribute to the site's overall sub-standard quality. I get the impression that carinsurancefor1day.co.uk is an unprofessional or illegitimate company.

Copyright by Shaun Donovan, Co Wicklow, 2008